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Rebekah, May 2021

Depression, Anxiety, Anger

”It was definitely hard to get out of bed in the morning all the time… to date, I feel I feel so much better than I did I have so much more clarity, I feel more positive, I feel more energy. There’s so many different aspects of my life that I feel like this helped.”

Ana, April 2021

Depression, Anxiety, Anger

“My husband and I had gotten into a huge argument over something so small, it shouldn’t have been a big deal, and I ended up throwing things and breaking them. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my husband because of my mental illnesses. So I reached out to Serenity and it was definitely by far the best choice I’ve made in my entire life.“

Jenny, April 2021

Depression, Motherhood, Pregnancy, TMS

“I always wanted to be a mom. One of the things I was worried about having depression is that like, what kind of mom am I going to be able to be if I’m not well? (TMS) has been such a relief because I am so much happier in motherhood than I thought I could be.”

Eva, April 2021

Anxiety, Social Anxiety, TMS

“I loved my friends, and I want it to be around them. But my anxiety caused me to go into a panic, like, what if they don’t like me anymore? (Now) I’m more confident, calm, and collected for sure. I’m not holding anything back. I feel more approachable. I just feel a lot better.”

Mitchell, April 2021

Depression, Anxiety, College, Ketamine, TMS

“My parents didn’t realize what I had was depression, pretty serious depression too, for quite a long time. I came to serenity because I went to numerous doctors and tried numerous different medications for treating depression and anxiety with no luck… Like a month or two later (after starting TMS), I just felt fantastic.”

April, April 2021

Depression, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Ketamine, TMS

“One of the big reasons I felt stuck was because I have agoraphobia.The agoraphobia is a big part of why I was scared to do TMS. The thought of having to leave the house more than once a week was too much to bear… The only thing that has truly helped the agoraphobia is the TMS, (and) the difference in my life since the TMS and the ketamine is that I enjoy life again.”

Jeff, March 2021

Depression, Art, Artist, Husband, Ketamine

“When I was going through the depression, all I could do was just really sit around the house and watch TV and sleep. I just had no motivation to do anything. Since taking the ketamine infusions, I feel like I’ve done a 180 degree turn… My motivation, my drive to do things and to be more active in my wife and my kids lives (has come back).“

Brooke, March 2021

Depression, Anxiety, Motherhood, Wife, Family, TMS

“I tried multiple medications, multiple counselors, and multiple things to try and beat my depression and anxiety. Sometimes I felt that there was nothing I could do, that my brain was too broken… From day one, TMS was spectacular. My brain works. It is doing things I thought were lost.“

Riley, December 2020

Depression, Work, Family, TMS

“Now that I feel like I have my life back, I think about the future a lot more I think about having a family or thinking about starting a business just really everything’s a possibility now, rather than thinking a week ahead, I think five years ahead. And that’s something I can’t be more than thankful for.”

Christopher, November 2020

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Veteran, Work, TMS, Ketamine

“When you’re you’re stuck in these places of depression and PTSD and anxiety, it’s like, you’re not really living a life, you’re just trying to manage a life. And, you know, I feel like, for the first time in a really long time, I’m living a life.”

Bethany, November 2020

Depression, Anxiety, Motherhood, Work, TMS

“(Before Serenity) Everything made me cry. I couldn’t really find joy in living. I guess you could say like, it was really difficult to just want to stay alive… (Now) I feel like I can enjoy little things like making dinner or having dinner with the kids. Joy is now part of every day where it wasn’t before. I feel like I’m a completely different person.”

Jovana, November 2020

Depression, ADHD, Stress, Relationships, Gratitude, TMS

“I was surviving every day, I was not thriving until I came to Serenity Mental Health Centers. I was taught the tools here to calm my mind, as well as take the TMS and finish what I want to do focus on what I want to do and focus on what I want to say… Serenity gives you literally every tool, in addition to the TMS and the ketamine to succeed at everything & anything.”

Becca, October 2020

Depression, Anxiety, Suicidal, Acting, TMS

“I was quite literally standing on an edge, ready to jump off. And now I haven’t had a thought like that in weeks.

I’m feeling a lot more like myself from my golden days. I’m, like, ready to start working on things again. It’s been really, really exciting. Having the energy to do that, just do things again.”

Charles, October 2020

PTSD, OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Veteran, Work, Ketamine

(After the first ketamine infusion) I woke up the next day & I had more mental energy. I got up and I wanted to go work out which I’ve been putting off forever, and I love working out. I hadn’t gone fishing in two years- I lived for that. I just lost the drive to do it. And I started doing it again. It’s made a huge difference in my life.

Michael, October 2020

Depression, Treatment-Resistance, Relationships, TMS

“It’s so well worth it. I mean, I’m a nurse, and so I’ve worked with a lot of different patients with different things that have gone on. And I feel so bad that he’s (Michael’s) had to change so many medications. So to get something that’s not a medication, that actually works, is just wonderful, because it’s really, just, like I said, brought him out of his shell and, and really put back life into him.” -Jennifer

Rachael, May 2020

Postpartum Depression, Ketamine, Motherhood

“24 hours after my first ketamine treatment, it was such a big change for me. I felt happy. I didn’t want to commit suicide. I couldn’t even think of a suicidal thought. I didn’t want to hurt myself. I was happy and happy to be here… I never really believed that I could get to this point. I’m here to let people know that it can happen, and there is hope out there.”

Ruth, May 2020

Depression, Suicidal, Ketamine, TMS, Relationships

“It was amazing,it was absolutely amazing. I was just in a weeping heap (before), I was such a mess. I couldn’t control myself. I was crying constantly and I just didn’t know how I could go on. And we came in, and we had the ketamine treatment and immediately I had presence of mind. I felt so different. I was able to think more clearly. I was calm. It was just amazing. My desire to kill myself was gone.” -Ruth

GREAT staff! I would recommend Serenity to anyone suffering with Mental Health issues.

Leslie Flores | Google | 10/11/2021

"Serenity has not only been a breath of fresh air, but exceptional. In terms of empathy, treatment options, quality of care, and professionalism."

Isaac M. | Google | 10/10/2021

"I have been so impressed with Serenity since I first called in to schedule an appointment. The scheduling staff were so kind and professional."

Jess A. | Google | 10/10/2021
Matt D.
I had been struggling with general depression and anxiety since I was probably 10 years old. When I came to Serenity, I was on multiple medications, and I felt like I wasn’t able to fully experience life — I was just going through the motions. I decided to start TMS and Ketamine treatments, which literally saved my life.

The results of my treatment were mind-blowing. I feel lighter, and I don’t have to go through the motions anymore — I can actually live my life to the fullest. And the staff at Serenity contributed so much to the success of my treatment. They really go out of their way to ensure your comfort. I always felt welcome in the office, and by the time I was done with my treatment, I felt like they were all my friends. I’ve recommended Serenity to multiple people because I think that the options Serenity offers is beyond an alternative — it’s allowed me to stop relying on medication and be my whole, complete self.
Julie L.
I struggled with major depressive disorder and corresponding, ADD, Anxiety, and OCD for almost my entire life (over 40 years!). And I was desperate to find a cure because I wasn’t finding success with medication and my mental illness was affecting my jobs, relationships, and many other aspects of my life. That’s when I learned about TMS and Serenity. They were able to schedule me for an appointment and start me on TMS and Ketamine surprisingly quickly.

And within two weeks from starting TMS and Ketamine, I started to notice major differences. By week three, my life was changed. Now, almost four months later, I can’t remember the last bad day I had. I’ve been able to think more clearly and do things I never thought possible. I owe it all to Serenity. Thanks for helping me find the cure I was looking for!
Janey B.
I was first diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 27 years ago. In that time I had undergone various forms of therapy and treatment in addition to receiving medication. Although this had alleviated the symptoms to some extent, the OCD was still having a major effect on my life. The TMS treatment has eliminated almost all of the distressing and unwanted thoughts, the time spent ruminating and the need to constantly discuss them and worry about them. This has enabled me to function better and lead a much happier life.

The TMS treatment was not only effective, but the team involved were very helpful and professional, from the first consultation through the actual treatment itself. There was also a great follow up and aftercare service. I will be informing my GP of how well this truly 21st Century approach has worked.
Aaron K.
I struggled with depression and anxiety for years before I decided to get treatment. By the time I came to Serenity, I was having daily anxiety attacks. I was irritated and not sleeping, and my mental health was starting to affect my marriage. I was skeptical of TMS, but after my first session, I felt better, so I decided to commit to my recovery. Now, my anxiety attacks are almost 90% gone, and I don’t have any negative thoughts anymore. I wish more people knew about TMS because it really does work.

I also think the staff at Serenity Mental Health Centers majorly contributed to my recovery. I felt like I was working side by side with my psychiatrist and the TMS techs to treat my mental illness as a team. I would absolutely recommend Serenity to anyone who is struggling with their mental health.