Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

We know that sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. Finding the right providers to entrust your mental health can be difficult. But we want you to know that at Serenity Mental Health Centers, you're more than just a patient, and you can trust we'll give you the attention, respect, and care you seek. Whether you're looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to browse the reviews of our past and present patients to get to know our team and what we're about at Serenity.

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Feb 14 2024

"I'm very happy to have found a place where I feel safe and I feel I'm actually being listened to and provided with the upmost care the whole team is absolutely lovely! I also really love my doctor he greeted me with a smile a firm handshake you can tell he knows what he's doing and he doesn't just treat you like a patient you can tell he loves what he does and is very compassionate"

5.0 Review from M.P. Source: Google Feb 11 2024

"From the moment I entered the office to the moment leaving the office I felt so cared for! The psychiatrist Erik is awesome & very knowledgeable about my mental health! I’m so glad he was able to help me."

5.0 Review from M.C. Source: Google Feb 11 2024

"I’m so glad to have found Dr. Lundmark! Actually, all the Serenity staff members have always been kind and helpful. Dr. Lundmark is very easy to talk to, and actually respects my input regarding my treatment. That was not the case with multiple doctors I’d seen in the past. I absolutely recommend Dr. Lundmark and Serenity for anyone searching for a mental health practitioner."

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Feb 09 2024

"Dr Eric is very easy to talk to and is very genuine. The staff at Serenity Healthcare go above and beyond to make patients feel at ease, and it's a lovely thing to look forward to my appointments and get to chat and laugh with them all. Serenity is like a family who open their arms to people like me."

5.0 Review from A. Source: Google Feb 07 2024

"My first meeting with Dr. Lundmark was great, he was thorough and eager to get me started on a treatment plan for my ADHD. The staff is all nice and the whole process is pretty efficient."

5.0 Review from M.U. Source: Google Jan 19 2024

"I love Dr. Lundmark, so happy I found him. He is so down to earth and understanding. Staff is great. Highly recommend."

5.0 Review from N. Source: Google Jan 17 2024

"I am very picky with my doctors, psychiatrists even more so. Dr. Lundmark is excellent — hes knowledgeable and kind. He listens to his patients and wants the best for them. Not to mention Serenitys amazing customer service overall; they are incomparable."

5.0 Review from J.L. Source: Google Jan 14 2024

"Dr. Lundmark is amazing and so is the rest of the staff. He has really helped me through this tough time in life and easy to get a hold of. And quick to respond."

5.0 Review from P.C. Source: Google Dec 14 2023

"Dr. Lundmark is very knowledgeable & willing to change things up quickly. Highly recommend."

5.0 Review from M.R. Source: Google Dec 06 2023

"Everybody at Serenity was so gentle and calm; it truly felt like a serene experience. The front desk was speedy and kind and Dr.Lundmark seemed to really care and tried to make me feel at ease. I would highly recommend. :)"

5.0 Review from C. Source: Google Oct 13 2023

"Dr. Lundmark is an awesome doctor always smiling and listening and understanding everything I say. My whole life has changed in one month with the help of Dr. Lundmark,"

5.0 Review from R. Source: Google Oct 13 2023

"Dr. Lundmark is the absolute best! I've had a lot of improvement since seeing him. The staff is always so welcoming and helpful. I did TMS here and it was a great experience. I definitely recommend!!"

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: Google Oct 13 2023

"Dr. Lundmark is an amazing man. He truly gives you his attention, and is open to any suggestions I may have. I truly feel safe and valued with him."

5.0 Review from H. Source: Google Oct 13 2023

"I felt comfortable. Dr. Lundmark was very professional. He is receptive to my concerns and needs"

5.0 Review from D.O. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"So far I am loving the experience. Talking about my past is difficult, but knowing that I have an advocate now that is helping me create a treatment plan is a very rewarding feeling. I look forward to continuing to work with Dr. Lundmark."

5.0 Review from E.E. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"Dr. Lundmark is so understanding and personable. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a good mental health doctor."

5.0 Review from J.H. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"I have been struggling to find a physician that truly cares and actually listens. If you need a psychiatrist, I would highly recommend Dr. Landmark to anyone who is seeking a compassionate environment and quality care. Office staff and support personnel are also top notch!"

5.0 Review from R.E. Source: Google Aug 13 2023

"There has never been a time that I have dealt with this time and I have had a bad experience. They are always so kind and understanding and even when I was having a rough time and my Dr was not available the nurses listened to me and made me feel like I mattered!! Thank you all for all you do. Dr. Lundmark is very understanding and try to find best solutions for the issues at hand. He's sympathy and understanding makes me feel heard and understood. Thank you"

5.0 Review from J.M. Source: Google Aug 13 2023

"It is difficult to accept much less treat a mental health deficiency, but I felt relaxed and welcome as soon as I walked in. Dr. Lundmark has kind eyes (if you know, you know) and he actively listens to you without making you feel like you are talking to a drone. Just listing aspects of bad experiences that have caused me to stop treatment in the past. I went in with an “all my life I had to fight” level of anxiety, and left feeling like my concerns were heard. Definitely recommend. Good Luck on your journey to mental health, this is a nice place to start/continue it."

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: Google Aug 13 2023

"My experience with Serenity is great, I fill like making improvements and getting better each day. Thanks to doctor Lundmark and his fastastic staff. Thank you"

5.0 Review from C.M. Source: Google Aug 13 2023

"Dr.Lundmark is very good at listening to my concerns and needs. His easy demeanor is definitely makes our appointments more pleasant. I'm happy to have found a place where I feel my individual needs are being met."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Jun 13 2023

"I was very surprised how the appointment went! I was open about my medical/drug history and Dr. Erik was extremely understanding. I’m confident that we will find out where I stand with my ADHD and progress in the right direction."

5.0 Review from M. Source: Google Jun 13 2023

"Dr. Lundmark has a great energy. I’m very confident and positive about him just after our first visit. He is a great listener and was able to lock on to my reasons for needing mental help. His office staff is friendly and come across happy to be there. I’m looking forward to his expertise and guidance in helping me find the clear positive path to regain good mental health."

5.0 Review from D. Source: Google May 13 2023

"I’m so grateful to have found Serenity Mental Health Centers in my search for treatment. I’ve had poor psychiatric experiences throughout my life, where I have been constantly misdiagnosed and put on medication that makes me feel worse—all because the psychiatrists wouldn’t listen to me. Dr. Lundmark and his professional staff are the complete opposite! They actually listened and are focused on understanding my major concerns, and in a compassionate, empathetic, and professional way. I feel like they want to work together as a team to determine my best treatment plan and not just throw antidepressants at me. As someone who has experienced a fair share of trauma, I feel that their approach to treatment brings a humanizing edge that I’ve been missing in decades of failed care that defined me by what I’ve been through. Looking forward to my next appointment!"

5.0 Review from C.H. Source: Google May 13 2023

"Really happy I found this place. Hours are flexible. They staff is great and friendly. Dr. Lundmark was fantastic, professional, and just overall great."

5.0 Review from D.F. Source: Google May 13 2023

"I'm a new patient and Dr. Lundmark was awesome. Great personality, great vibe and he showed interest on all concerns I had. I felt welcomed and very comfortable with himself and his staff. The gentleman who checked me in was courteous and great. Also the nurse who took my vitals was very courteous. My apologies if I do not remember their names but I am looking forward for my next follow up. Everyone was very professional and i did have a great experience. Thank you Dr. Lundmark and staff."

5.0 Review from R.P. Source: Google May 13 2023

"I have been searching for a place like this for half my life!! I've had an absolutely amazing experience seeing Dr Lundmark. I did TMS for 8 weeks and it has helped me tremendously. All the staff are super kind, professional and helpful. I highly recommend Serenity."

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: Google Apr 13 2023

"Dr Lundmark was caring and made me feel comfortable. He listened to my issues and is willing to do whatever necessary to help me become the person I want to be"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Apr 13 2023

"Staff was so friendly and welcoming. Dr Lundmark was amazing. I had never seen a psychiatrist before, he was very knowledgeable, compassionate and put me at ease right away."

5.0 Review from H.H. Source: Google Feb 13 2023

"Great doctor and staff . I felt welcomed the moment i got into the office friendly staff . Dr ERIC was very professional and understanding . I recommend DR Erik ."

5.0 Review from J.O. Source: Google Feb 13 2023

"Dr. Lundmark shows compassion and has his best interest in my well being."

5.0 Review from M.N. Source: Google Feb 13 2023

"Dr Lundmark was great! Highly recommend coming here"

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