Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine therapy is tried-and-true treatment option that has shown incredible promise in treating various mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and self-harming or thoughts of self-harm. Historically used as an anesthetic, ketamine has been researched extensively for its potential in mental health care. For those seeking rapid relief from overwhelming thoughts and stress, ketamine has become a notable option. Serenity Mental Health Centers care providers may recommend ketamine therapy infusions to help rapidly relieve symptoms of PTSD, OCD, anxiety, or depression.

Ketamine infusions are administered intravenously, allowing for precise dosing and regulation and reducing the potential for side effects. Patients receive treatment in a controlled and comfortable environment administered by an experienced registered nurse. We encourage patients to bring a book, headphones, or something they enjoy doing to occupy their time comfortably. Our commitment to a patient-first philosophy ensures that each session is tailored to the individual needs of each patient, but most sessions are completed in two hours or less. A course of around six sessions is recommended for the best possible outcome.


  • Rapid Symptom Relief: Many patients report swift alleviation of symptoms, sometimes within hours or days.
  • Potential Long-Term Effects: Some individuals find long-lasting relief from their conditions with repeated sessions.
  • Alternative to Traditional Treatments: For those who haven't found success with other therapies, ketamine offers a new, effective option. In fact, many patients find success with ketamine therapy when other treatment methods have failed.
  • Safe When Administered Professionally: At Serenity, safety is paramount. Proper dosing and monitoring ensure treatments are both safe and effective.

Tolulope's experience with TMS therapy has been excellent. She is patient and really kind, even if the initial consultation took some time to schedule.

M.W. Google

Serenity Mental Health Centers in Southlake has a very kind and responsive staff! A breathe of fresh air when a lot of psychiatrist offices send you straight to a robot or voicemail!

A.Q. Google

Extremely educated about Ketamine therapy. My depression symptoms improved, despite the exorbitant cost.

R.H. Google

Dr. Clay has given me my life, family, and friends back to me. When I first started seeing Dr. Clay, I was so depressed and anxious that I didn’t go out of the house. Dr. Clay’s medical assistant on my first appointment told me that he would never give up on me and he never has. Flash forward to now, and I’m seeing my friends, family, going out to run errands on my own, and even going to see my beloved sister in Colorado March 1st with our daughter. I am SO thankful for Dr. Clay and his team at Serenity Mental Health. They are a huge blessing and I feel so lucky to have found them!

K. Google

My psychiatrist is named Dr. Colvin and he is an excellent person to count on for aid with mental health. He has prescribed medicine for me that has worked wonders in my life, and he continues to meet my concerns by providing more medication when needed. Alongside him, the staff is extremely flexible with their availability, and whenever I’ve needed to change a date on the calendar for appointments, they have been swift and generous to meet those needs as well. I’d recommend Serenity to anyone that is struggling to battle the demons in their head; they have changed my life and I know they will do the same for you as well.

K.D. Google


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We are committed to providing comprehensive support during your path to healing. Ketamine therapy could be an effective solutions for you if traditional treatment methods and medications have not helped. Our team is here to provide information, answer questions, and guide you toward what works best for you. When you partner with us, we will work to offer you the best possible chance at healing.

How quickly will I notice results?


Many patients seeking relief from anxiety or depression notice results within 24 hours of their first treatment.

Will I need a ride home from my sessions?


Because ketamine may cause you to feel tired or mildly disoriented, you should arrange for someone you trust to drive you home from your sessions. We may also be able to assist you in hailing an Uber or Lyft if you prefer.

What side effects are associated with ketamine therapy?


Some patients might experience temporary side effects, like nausea or dizziness, but these are generally mild and subside quickly.

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