Psychiatric Medication Management

Medication management is an essential aspect of comprehensive mental health care. It refers to the evaluation, recommendation, and ongoing monitoring of medications by a psychiatric team to address mental health conditions. Currently, one in six Americans take some form of mental health medication. With several hundred psychiatric medications available on the market, finding the medicines most suited to treating an individual’s mental health condition can be overwhelming. Serenity Mental Health Centers is comprised of a team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners who remain informed of the most up-to-date research on medications. This allows our team to help guide you to a medication that meets your specific needs. 

Our intentionally hired psychiatrists begin with a thorough evaluation to understand the unique needs of each patient. They then recommend appropriate medications and continually monitor the effectiveness, dosage, and potential side effects. This process involves regular check-ins, dosage adjustments if needed, and ensuring the patient is not experiencing any adverse reactions. Our positive and proactive approach removes barriers for patients, ensuring that the medication aligns with our patient-first philosophy.

  • Safety: Ensuring the proper medications are taken at the correct dosages, minimizing adverse side effects.
  • Efficiency: Regular check-ins allow for dosage or prescription adjustments, ensuring the medication is the right fit for the patient.
  • Comprehensive Care: Medication is just one piece of the puzzle; our professionals view each treatment plan with the goal of overall well-being and quality of life.
  • Peace of Mind: With prescheduled follow-ups, our patients never have to worry about schedule conflicts or getting back into the clinic if they are not adjusting well to new prescriptions.

Tolulope's experience with TMS therapy has been excellent. She is patient and really kind, even if the initial consultation took some time to schedule.

M.W. Google

Serenity Mental Health Centers in Southlake has a very kind and responsive staff! A breathe of fresh air when a lot of psychiatrist offices send you straight to a robot or voicemail!

A.Q. Google

Extremely educated about Ketamine therapy. My depression symptoms improved, despite the exorbitant cost.

R.H. Google

Dr. Clay has given me my life, family, and friends back to me. When I first started seeing Dr. Clay, I was so depressed and anxious that I didn’t go out of the house. Dr. Clay’s medical assistant on my first appointment told me that he would never give up on me and he never has. Flash forward to now, and I’m seeing my friends, family, going out to run errands on my own, and even going to see my beloved sister in Colorado March 1st with our daughter. I am SO thankful for Dr. Clay and his team at Serenity Mental Health. They are a huge blessing and I feel so lucky to have found them!

K. Google

My psychiatrist is named Dr. Colvin and he is an excellent person to count on for aid with mental health. He has prescribed medicine for me that has worked wonders in my life, and he continues to meet my concerns by providing more medication when needed. Alongside him, the staff is extremely flexible with their availability, and whenever I’ve needed to change a date on the calendar for appointments, they have been swift and generous to meet those needs as well. I’d recommend Serenity to anyone that is struggling to battle the demons in their head; they have changed my life and I know they will do the same for you as well.

K.D. Google


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Our mission is to help patients take control of their lives and mental health. By offering professional medication management, we aim to give everyone the best chance to achieve that goal. We prioritize what works best for the patient, ensuring our approach is tailored to their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about medication management. Together, we'll navigate the path to well-being.

Will my medications be changed frequently?

Each patient is unique, and so are their needs. Once we have identified a medication that works well, we will monitor your mood and health to determine when and if it may need to be changed or the dosage increased.

How often will I need check-ins?

The frequency of follow-up appointments will vary between patients based on individual needs. However, most follow-ups are scheduled between 30 and 90 days apart.

How important is it to track my moods between visits?


In between visits, tracking your mood for changes in appetite, sleep, overall health, and happiness can help you and the Serenity Mental Health Centers team identify signs that the medication may need to be increased or changed. This is an important part of your medication management.

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