Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

We know that sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. Finding the right providers to entrust your mental health can be difficult. But we want you to know that at Serenity Mental Health Centers, you're more than just a patient, and you can trust we'll give you the attention, respect, and care you seek. Whether you're looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to browse the reviews of our past and present patients to get to know our team and what we're about at Serenity.

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Feb 07 2024

"I’ve been going here for about a year and I just want to say this doesn’t feel like a business whatsoever. When you walk in you’re met with such amazing human beings who are there to help you every step of the way through your mental health journey. My provider Dr Colvin is incredible and very understanding and helpful. He tailors my treatment plan to MY needs and listens. I’m doing TMS currently and already see an improvement. The tech I have, Olivia is full of joy and kindness. I look forward to seeing her every appointment. They offer financial aid for different treatments which have absolutely saved my life. Their main priority is to make sure you are healthy and happy, rather than the money. I recommend this place to anyone who would benefit from psychiatric care."

5.0 Review from D. Source: Google Jan 12 2024

"If I could give Serenity a 7 star review I would. From the time I walked in to the time I left everyone was so beyond sweet and amazing. It was my first experience back to a psychiatrist in a few years and my experience was wonderful to say the least. Mental health is so important and so is going somewhere where they believe the same and want the best for you. I truly felt welcomed and comfortable at Serenity which is a huge thing when going to somewhere like this."

5.0 Review from Q.C. Source: Google Aug 13 2023

"I could not recommend Serenity enough! Seeking help for your mental health can be scary but everyone at Serenity made the environment feel so safe and welcoming. I’ve been to many clinics where the nurses and technicians were passive aggressive or flippant but that has not been my experience with Serenity, all the staff are so kind! When I started a new treatment, a technician took time to talk me through the process which definitely helped ease my mind, I always felt like I was in good hands and being listened to!"

5.0 Review from M.W. Source: Google Jul 13 2023

"I wholeheartedly recommend this office to anyone in need of a great psychiatrist. Dr. Clay has created a comforting atmosphere and is always open to listening and exploring new treatment options. The office staff are dedicated individuals who have never let me down when it comes to paperwork, scheduling, or any assistance I may require. As someone with an anxiety-induced type A personality, I truly value their patience and willingness to accommodate my needs. The TMS treatments offered here surpass those I've received at another office in the past. Unlike my previous experiences, there was no pain involved. The ketamine treatments have been nothing short of a miracle for me, although they aren't covered by insurance. The investment is well worth it if you have the means. Additionally, the office is attentive to individual circumstances and will make necessary accommodations. They even offered a Lyft ride when I couldn't arrange transportation, demonstrating their dedication to ensuring I receive the care I need. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everyone at Serenity, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who crosses my path."

5.0 Review from S.C. Source: Google Jul 13 2023

"I can’t say enough good things about Serenity and Brian! Everyone I spoke with was extremely supportive and compassionate. I’ve been to many different psychiatrists offices and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. From the intake nurse I spoke with on the phone, to the receptionist and of course Brian. He listened to me and really seemed to understand what I was going through. He was never condescending as some psychiatrists can be. I felt completely at ease with him. I would recommend Serenity to anyone who needs to see a mental health professional."

5.0 Review from N.D. Source: Google Jul 13 2023

"Serenity is the best facility for those choosing to take on their mental health, hands down! Amazing team and staff. I always feel so welcomed coming in and always happy to see such an wonderful group of people doing life changing work. 10/10"

5.0 Review from L.P. Source: Google Jun 13 2023

"Tyler is so kind and personable. She has been such a huge help and in comparison to the other places ive been the staff here is wonderful and so kind. I really feel at home whenever I come to my appointments. Tyler listens and gives you the tools and options to get better and really cares. I love serenity mental health!"

5.0 Review from S.8. Source: Google May 13 2023

"Amazing staff! Every encounter with their folks was heart felt and kind. Also the TMS therapy was great too!"

5.0 Review from K.W. Source: Google May 13 2023

"The whole staff wants to help me be successful. Dr. Clay has made a huge impact in my life. Life isn’t always easy but he and his team have given me support through so much. Anyone who needs mental health support should try Serenity"

5.0 Review from W.R. Source: Google May 13 2023

"Dr. Clay stands out as an extraordinary psychiatrist, skillfully blending compassion, proficiency, and modern methodologies to deliver individualized therapeutic experiences. At the Chandler office, bespoke treatment plans are crafted, nurturing an environment of trust and personal development. For anyone in search of life-changing mental health care, Dr. Clay comes with my highest recommendation."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google May 13 2023

"I’ve had nothing but the best experiences at this location! All of the staff are super kind and welcoming. I’m always called back within 10 minutes of my arrival, so it makes it very easy to expect the total duration the appointment takes. I’ve been seeing Paulene for about 9 months, and she has done a phenomenal job of making me feel heard about my issues or concerns. It’s comforting to know that medication management is one of her top priorities when meeting with patients."

5.0 Review from A.S. Source: Google Apr 13 2023

"I'm not even sure where to start when reviewing Serenity Mental Health. They remove the institution feeling of seeking Mental health treatment. From the moment you step foot into the office there's a sense of calm. Your met with a smile and "I'm so glad you're here" in the most genuine manner. Check in is super easy. Payment options are available and stress-free. My provider is Pauline. Her energy is inviting, warm and familiar. You don't feel like a stranger and you don't feel like a patient. You feel like family or a close friend. Pauline genuinely cares about you as a whole. How you feel. What your goal is and the best possible regimes in order to work towards small health goals. She makes me feel heard and not just like she listened to what I said. She's honest in her approach and caring and compassionate in her delivery. I feel like I have choices in my treatment that don't always fall back to changing medication or adding more medication. I feel like diagnosis are explained and how the brain and functions can change due to trauma. I've been given a confidence about taking care of my mental health and I no longer feel as though seeking help is a weakness but a strength. The whole team at Serenity makes coming to the office something you don't have to dread. Communication with the providers is made easy and the response time from them is something I wish all providers worked to make a priority. I'm grateful to have found a place who truly cares about me as a whole. Not just a name on a chart. I wish i was better with names to be able to shout out everyone. But Chandler and the Gilbert staff make if feel like you're meeting up with friends. Thank you for making this possible."

5.0 Review from L.M. Source: Google Mar 13 2023

"The office is clean and so welcoming. The staff are always so respectful and professional. The wait time on the phone could be long but they have the option to get a call back so it isn't so bad. I want to give a shout out to Dr. Paulene Jean-Baptiste, she listens and she care. I was just another insurance claim payment for my last psychiatrist. It is such an amazing relief to find someone that cares for my mental health and put forth a plan of care for me. I am grateful for the care of Dr Paulene Jean-Baptiste and Serenity Mental Health. I highly recommend this place to anyone."

5.0 Review from T.H. Source: Google Mar 13 2023

"Very friendly and helpful, highly recommend Serenity for any mental health treatments they are the best in Arizona and I've been to several. Keep up the great work :)"

5.0 Review from J.E. Source: Google Feb 13 2023

"I've had a few visits with Bree Scott, who is very nice, professional, and relatable. So far my experience has been great and very helpful to my mental health."

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Feb 13 2023

"Absolutely love Bree! Defiently recommend her she has helped me in just two sessions understand more about anxiety and ways I can fix it. She’s very understanding, patient, caring & smart. She does not down play any of my feelings when it comes to anxiety. I’ll forever stick with her as it has been a hard time finding a good mental doc"

5.0 Review from M.F. Source: Google Jan 13 2023

"First experience with talking with a Doctor in regards to my mental health. I am very pleased with how I was treated from the moment I walked in the door. Doctor Aaron Clay is a extremely proficient listener and very kind. I look forward to working with him in the future and would recommend him to anyone looking for help with their mental health."

5.0 Review from N.C. Source: Google Jan 13 2023

"Serenity health makes it so easy to get mental health care. I go in and I'm treated with great compassionate care. I Highly recommend this facility, as it's helped me take my life back."

5.0 Review from Z.M. Source: Google Jan 13 2023

"Paulene was so kind and listened to everything I had to say. She made me feel heard about what I was concerned about. I felt happy that we have a solid plan and will continue to work on improving my mental health. Can’t wait to see her again. I found them through online google reviews and I honestly am so grateful I found this office."

5.0 Review from D.P. Source: Google Dec 23 2022

"I've really loved going here for my mental health. Bree Scott has been amazing and has helped me find medication that works well for me. I am so glad I reached out to get the help I need."

5.0 Review from A.P. Source: Google Dec 13 2022

"The entire staff at Serenity is wonderful! Dr. Clay is top notch and I feel like I have gained many resources and strategies to help better my mental health. Highly recommend this company and especially Dr. Clay although you will probably have to wait awhile to see him because he’s so amazing he books up quickly!"

5.0 Review from E.R. Source: Google Dec 13 2022

"This place is amazing! They have made me feel so comfortable and always treat me so well. Mental health is something I've put off for a long time due to the stigma that is often associated with seeking help, but there is no judgement or negativity anywhere in this office, just love and genuine caring. I can't recommend this office enough!"

5.0 Review from E.M. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I walked into an appointment with Dr. Clay yesterday and walked out with a sense of relief, and of hope :) The staff at Serenity Mental Health Centers were warm, welcoming, and inviting. I am a person who likes to ask a lot of questions pertaining to my mental health and Dr. Clay and the other staff in the office happily clarify everything I need. This is the first mental health center I have been to (they have various locations throughout the valley) and I have always felt safe and comfortable here. Highly recommend to anyone searching for a new Mental Health Center."

5.0 Review from J.I. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. Clay did an amazing job helping me through my anxiety and depression. Something I didn't understand and didn't realize I was going through till I had a couple of panic attacks at work. That's when I decided I needed outside help. Life doesn't need to be like that and he was able to get me feeling normal again. I am eternally grateful."

5.0 Review from M.D. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr Clay is one of the best doctors I have ever seen in my 40-year mental health journey what a great person to have on your side. I feel very lucky to have him as my doctor."

5.0 Review from B.K. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"My doctor, Aaron Clay, D.O., is spectacular. He listens, he seems to care a great deal, and he will offer clear professional recommendations as to the best course of action. The staff is quite attentive and helpful. This is a great place to seek assistance for whatever mental health concerns one has."

5.0 Review from L.Y. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I have a lot of rare diseases that would make anyone's head spin when it come to treating the mental health aspect of it all. Dr. Clay has literally been the only psych to care enough to help me figure out how to navigate it all. I will forever recommend this practice to anyone who needs a good mental health dr."

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Everyone at Serenity has been amazing! This doesn't feel like a doctors office it feels more like your going to see your family! I've never felt more safe and taken care of truly! Dr. Clay is outstanding I've never felt more comfortable and able to be myself 100% with any other doctor and I've seen many doctor's over the years. When I walked into Serenity i felt hopeful and hopeless all at the same time almost defeated. Within the first few weeks I immediately felt different my friends and family could see little changes. Four to five weeks after my first TMS treatment I felt like a completely different person. The person I had never been but was always meant to be! I wish that I had this opportunity sooner! These amazing people truly care about you and getting you to your best self... Chelsie, Olivia, Jamie and Dr. Clay thank you for everything I don't know where I would be with out you all!"

5.0 Review from S.H. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Serenity Mental Health Facilities Are Awesome 😎"

5.0 Review from C.D. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Serenity mental health has been of great help to me as I better myself. Dr. Clay is kind and helpful"

5.0 Review from M. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Clay for about a year and half. I’ve battled with mental health for the better part of my life, which means I’ve seen my fair share of psychiatrists and therapists. Dr. Clay is the most professional, yet personable, mental health provider I have come across. Dr. Clay is a true lifesaver. From day one, he was willing to take the time and actually LISTEN to me as the patient. He has never made me feel judged, helpless or crazy. He’s always been willing to HEAR me and as a behavioral health patient, I find this aspect to be the most important. I believe that he carefully considers each decision regarding my treatment and makes sure that I’m comfortable and involved in my treatment plan. It is through his ability to treat me in this manner, that I have truly flourished on my journey, even when times are tough. I’ve never felt like just another number, he always makes sure to ask about something specific to my life, which makes me feel like he truly cares about me and mental health. He’s always encouraging when it comes to healthier behaviors that I could be incorporating, rather than demeaning. He takes the time to explain things like how mediations actually work in the brain and even why I do some of the things I do. Overall he’s a fantastic psychiatrist and I am so, so relieved to have found him. Serenity as a facility is always very clean. The decor in the office is very modern, so it feels less like a doctors office and more like a nice business office. The staff is always very, very nice. Sometimes the communication could be a little better, but it’s usually not a major issue. If you’re looking for help with behavior health, I would definitely recommend Serenity. I frequently recommend them to people in my personal life who are looking for behavioral health help."

5.0 Review from T.B. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"The staff at serenity mental health are awesome. They are always patient and kind and compassionate no matter what the circumstances are. My doctor, Dr Clay is very knowledgeable and has been a big part of my improvement with my mental health issues. I am also a mental health professional. I am a psychotherapist so being in the mental health field, I feel that I have the ability and discernment for excellent mental health care. I would recommend serenity mental health centers to any of my family or friends."

5.0 Review from D.S. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I have been coming to Serenity since 2019. I absolutely love all of the staff and the amazingly welcoming environment. They have seen me through plenty of ups and downs and feel like family now. I always feel heard and like everyone in there genuinely cares about every patient. Dr. Clay is probably the best psychiatrist I’ve ever came across and the TMS staff (especially Ashley) are also some of the nicest people In this whole world. Thank you again for everything you do for me."

5.0 Review from S.M. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"They seem to really care about my mental health. The providers always remember me and what's going on in my life, I don't have to retell my story again and again. Love this facility and both of the providers that I've had encounters with!"

5.0 Review from M.F. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. Porter truly listens when I speak. I felt that we worked together to make a plan rather than him just telling me what to do. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking mental health help."

5.0 Review from B.H. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"After less than awesome experience with another healthcare provider, I was referred over to Serenity by my girlfriend. From the moment I walked in I was treated with the care and respect that I was looking for. Everyone that I interacted with had the most amazing attitude from start to finish. When I was able to speak with my provider Bree, I so happy to be given the kind of treatment that I had been looking for. I’m so glad that I found Serenity and would recommend them to anyone concerned about their mental health. Thank you to the staff and especially to NP Bree for giving me the care that I needed. I’m looking forward to starting my mental health journey with such a committed and caring partner like Serenity!"

5.0 Review from S.A. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. Scott is so awesome and same with Serenity Mental Health. I got scammed by Cerebral and they helped sort everything out and ensured I was taken care of. Great place and great doctor!"

5.0 Review from N.P. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. Clay is amazing, just a very down-to-earth guy who really listens, and doesn’t dismiss any of your thoughts or feelings. He helped define a goal and come up with a good medication plan, and set up touchpoints along the way so we could continually evaluate how well the medication plan was helping me reach our defined goal. We’ve had to adjust dose, but it was a mutual decision after much discussion, which makes me feel like I am being understood, heard, and cared about. Just a lovely facility, caring and compassionate staff, and a physician who I am genuinely happy to see because he treats me like a person, not just a patient or an MRN#, a human being. So happy my PCP recommended Serenity Mental Health and Dr. Clay, I’m definitely a better person for it."

5.0 Review from E.D. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"This is the place to go if your experiencing any level of depression and or anxiety. Dr. Clay is compassionate, caring and attentive ro your needs. Actually cares about you and just doesn't medicate you. It's important to feel that someone cares. The whole staff is loving and caring."

5.0 Review from A.S. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I started seeing Dr. Clay a little over a year ago to continue my mental health care since I had just moved from Texas little did I know that my life was about to change for the better. It has been a 180° turn for my self. My depression which was my biggest problem it is nowadays almost non-existent. I am able to see the light of day and enjoy life's simple pleasures once again."

5.0 Review from R.V. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I had my first visit with Dr. Clay yesterday & I can honestly say, for the first time in the YEARS I've been battling mental health I felt heard. I was listened too. I wasn't judged. I felt that he genuinely wanted to help me. I had called a few different places prior to contacting Serenity & played Phone tag to eventually getting no phone call back which ultimately made me shut down and not want to get help. I finally had some friends suggest serenity and someone specifically recommend Dr. Clay and I'm glad they did. I was contacted within 30 minutes of requesting an appointment and was able to get in within a week and a half (my choice, could have been in sooner) of calling. I am excited to continue this journey of getting help for myself and I'm glad I chose Serenity to help me get there. I 100% would and will recommend them to anyone struggling."

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: Google Nov 13 2021

"Dr McClure has been excellent to work with. Dr McClure is easy to talk to and he listens to your concerns. Dr McClure is supportive and willing to collaborate with you to find the treatment that is most appropriate for your particular challenge or issue. The team of professionals are all great. They are always friendly and have a positive attitude. The whole team makes you feel comfortable and cared for which is important. I would acknowledge them by name, but I can't remember all of their names! They recently opened an office in Camelback which is a 30 - 45 min drive for me. I could have chosen their Chandler location, but the extra driving time was worth it to continue treatment by Dr McClure. Regardless, I highly recommend Serenity Mental Health if you are struggling with your mental health and it is impacting you ability to be the best version of yourself."

5.0 Review from M.B. Source: Google Nov 13 2021

"I can't recommend Serenity enough! They saved my life. I suffer from ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. When I first came to them, I couldn't handle physical contact at all, I wasn't eating or sleeping, and I was extremely suicidal. After working with them we modified my medications and started a few different treatments. Not only were the staff kind and supportive, but they truly care about their patients. I've been to multiple locations and I have amazing things to say about everyone I've worked with. For me, TMS treatments turned my life around. I am finally feeling like myself again and I owe it all to Serenity."

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