Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

We know that sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. Finding the right providers to entrust your mental health can be difficult. But we want you to know that at Serenity Mental Health Centers, you're more than just a patient, and you can trust we'll give you the attention, respect, and care you seek. Whether you're looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to browse the reviews of our past and present patients to get to know our team and what we're about at Serenity.

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"Dr. McClure is by far the best doctor in Arizona! Fantastic bedside manner, caring, compassionate and truly a genuine doctor who cares for his patient’s well being. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for the entire Serenity Mental Health Center employees and Dr. McClure."

5.0 Review from T.L. Source: Google Sep 13 2023

"I have seen many psychiatrists,and have felt like just a number, they didnt listen to my input or feelings. Dr. McClure has been a Godsend, he sets the standard and really raises the bar for the rest of them, I have struggled for years with multiple issues, Anxiety, depression, bi-polar, anger, insomnia, When I first saw Dr. McClure, I was taking an unbelievable amount of Xanax. Together we have tapered it down tremendously. And I say we, because my mental state of mind and voice mattered. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but he explains why he does what he does. Dr. McClure truly cares about his patients and their families. I still struggle on occasion , but look forward to my appointments with Dr McClure. He is very knowledgeable, understanding, and caring. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. I will continue to see Dr McClure, he is the best out there Respectfully, Thomas Largo Jr . I am posting again, because I'm hoping my experience's with Dr. McClure can benefit and give hope with those who are struggling with any type of mental or behavioral issue. I trust Dr. McClure a lot, I am 59 years old and have been through multiple issues, anger, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, marriage issues and other issues. Even when I had no insurance, I still continued to see Dr. McClure, and Serenity worked with me on payments. I have seen many different psychiatrists and I know we are all different and have and deal with issues differently. The difference between Dr McClure and others is he is a true professional and has a genuine care for his patients and listens to his patients and speaks to them with sincerity and with their well being being his ultimate goal. I look forward to my appointments with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling in their attempt to get the help they need. You will not regret it Best wishes and stay strong Sincerely, Thomas Largo Jr"

5.0 Review from N.7. Source: Google May 13 2023

"I'd recommend serenity mental health to anyone who needs to talk to very professional psychiatrist for depression, anxiety or any other mental health issues you may be having on a daily basis. Unlike alot of facilities, these people make you feel so welcomed and at home and truly care what you have to say rather than push your refills on you. 5 stars for me and Dr. Danny McClure is awesome!!! Also the staff is super nice. 👍"

5.0 Review from P.T. Source: Google Apr 13 2023

"Serenity and Dr McClure have been amazing. They have bent over backwards to help me. I've suffered from depression and debilitating anxiety for several decades and after the TMS treatment, I can't even describe what it was like. To lessen the physical and some of the mental symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks is incredible. It's not a cure but the effects were superb. Dr. McClure is very gentle and kind. I was comfortable with him, which means everything to someone with anxiety. He listened, gave many suggestions and very much works with you to find the best solutions to help you. The staff have always been very supportive and helpful. The myriad of options provided to help you is wonderful. I absolutely recommend Serenity to anyone."

5.0 Review from C.J. Source: Google Mar 13 2023

"Serenity offers a professional, welcoming, and safe environment to care for one’s mental health. Dr. McClure has become a trusted consultant and advisor on my continuing efforts to take excellent care of my specific needs."

5.0 Review from A.K. Source: Google Jan 13 2023

"I wanted to leave a review for anyone who feels like they are considering this location and/or TMS treatment. I would say the hardest part of this treatment is the commitment to going, especially when we are already struggling everyday to create healthy habits. I want to encourage you to give the staff at this location an opportunity to be the best part of each day. I walked into this treatment scared, depressed, and holding on by a thin string. This treatment changed my life. This experience changed my life. I walked in a stranger, and walked out feeling like I found a new family. Pooh would welcome me daily by name, Bethany was my main cheerleader, Jen was my bonus cheerleader, and I even had Meka treating my senior dog like her own. Between these women who are clearly passionate about what they do, their amazing souls, care, love, understanding, patience, jokes, and love which was extended to my dog too … was so positive, fun and authentic that I had to leave a review. I recently lost a friend to suicide, it actually happened during my treatment, and this is why I want to encourage if you are still reading this ….. please look into it, talk to the staff, work out financials (they will help), talk to Dr. McClure at the office Biltmore for his professional opinion. I won’t promise anything because we are all different, but I can promise you will get the best care with this group of passionate leaders in a difficult field. It hasn’t been perfect, but I am so grateful that I was able to work with the staff at Serenity for the last couple of years. Your story is not over yet. If no one has told you today, I love you, and keep going. The best is yet to come. 💛"

5.0 Review from S.W. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I have been a patient of Serenity Mental Health Centers since 2020 and have really enjoyed my experience. Every member of their staff is professional, courteous and helpful. I never feel judged or looked down upon. Dr. McClure is by far the best psychiatrist I have seen. He actually looks you in the eye during the appointment!"

5.0 Review from J.G. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"First - I am not one to take the time to post reviews, either positively nor negatively on an organization, as I feel my specific experience is not always representative of that organizations effectiveness. In this case, my results and experience have been so profound, as to prompt me to share with others. After struggling with mental health post pandemic, I met with Dr. McClure at the Camelback location, who immediately took the time to listen and learn my mental health goals and challenges. That was over a year ago and I have subsequently gone through two rounds of TMS, and a series of Ketamine therapies, which have both helped immensely. What I also feel worthy of note, was my experience with my TMS tech at Desert Ridge, Jen. Her patience, kindness, life experience, demeanor, and professionalism, created a safe space for me to discuss and work through my challenges. Through my two rounds of TMS, I have worked with 6 different techs at one time or another, and Jen is as a stand out. The Dr. McClure and Jennifer Beichner combo have changed my life. I encourage you to allow them the opportunity to change yours as well, if you too are struggling to reignite your zest for life."

5.0 Review from A.K. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I have been on my mental health journey since as long as I can remember. To say the least, I have a little experience with mental health support teams across this country. I wanted to take the time to leave a review to say that the experience I’ve had at Serenity and with Dr. McClure is now at the top of my list. Not only is all the staff so incredibly kind, welcoming, and understanding but the way I’ve been treated has made my journey to recovery so much more pleasant. Dr. McClure seems to always have time to really listen but also give his professional feedback, and I would be vulnerable and followed his plan. Since I have started my journey at Serenity with medicine management, Ketamine treatments, and now in a better place to try to TMS treatment, I’m FINALLY seeing hope in the midst of this long journey. If you are being held back because of finances, they worked with me, with and without insurance, in a very soft and supportive way. I do need to say that I have also been seeing a doctor for therapy that has also been a huge part of my growth and peace. Thank Serenity for giving me a place where I don’t feel anxious to walk in, supportive and kind throughout my whole experience, and for giving me relief of some of my life long mental health struggles. I wish I could remember ALL the amazing people on staff, that I’m forgetting in this moment, so forgive me and please let me say THANK YOU to that all have been apart of my SERENITY."

5.0 Review from T.B. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Serenity Mental health has always been extremely accommodating and sensitive to my needs. They’re welcoming and kind in the office. Dr. McClure is very receptive and aware. He helps you feel like you understand the process and the details of your personal needs as it pertains to mental health. I’ve had two different doctors with Serenity and they accommodated me when I moved from the east side to central Phoenix."

5.0 Review from B.S. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Couldn't recommend more highly. I always feel heard and respected at each visit by Dr. McClure as well as every support staff member. It is important to me to take an active role in the decision making process surrounding my mental health care and that has always been my experience at Serenity. Safe, supportive, adaptable care.... what more could you want in your medical team?"

5.0 Review from S.W. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. McClure and all staff members at Desert Ridge and Biltmore locations deserve 5 stars. Dr. McClure is warm, caring, and truly invested in my concerns and my recovery. He is always fully present and seeking the best path for my specific needs and progress. TMS is helping me immensely, but the staff at Desert Ridge has made almost as much of an impact on my life as have the treatments. Meka is my new hero and a true inspiration to me. She helped me realize we can focus on the “long game,” instead of being stuck (over) reacting to what’s happening right now, especially when we’re on the right path and cannot change the situation. Her personal growth is proof that we can all get through even the toughest times. Nurse Jen is caring and incredibly supportive. She is gentle, calm, and funny. If I needed hospital or home care, she is exactly the person I would want taking care of me. Kierstin, my TMS tech (they’re all awesome people) has supported me and helped me work through each of my issues with empathy, knowledge, and a uniquely wise perspective. I always leave Serenity feeling better than when I arrived, and remembering there are many kind, loving, supportive people around and that we are not alone. Reaching them, especially regarding an upcoming appointment is the only challenge, but it is starting to improve with a portal, emails, and call back services. Every single person who answers or returns a call is worth waiting for. Someone at Serenity is extremely skilled at selecting staff members who have worked through their own struggles, have endless patience and empathy, and sincerely want to help every person they encounter. Serenity is different world from other medical practices. If you’re considering seeking assistance, you have found the right place! “There’s a lot that we can do for you!” -Dr. McClure Sheri"

5.0 Review from N.L. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"As always Dr Mc Clure was friendly interested in what I was saying and gave me the tools I need in beating the anxiety and depression that has impaired my ability to live a normal life I'm grateful 🙏"

5.0 Review from T.L. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I suffer from severe general anxiety disorder, depression, anger, Bipolar, disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. Since, I've been seeing Dr. McClure, little by little, I've seen improvement. The main goal was to taper down from 175 2 mg xanax bars a month, it's been difficult, cause I've been on them for many years. Dr. McClure and myself have not always seen eye to eye, but he is patient, compassionate, and works with and listens to his patients. I have tapered down to 135 1 mg pills a month now. I still have many stressors and issues, but Dr. McClure is a Godsend. I would recommend him to anyone with any mental issues. Thanks Dr. McClure from Thomas L. and Family."

5.0 Review from A.B. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"In my 19 years of struggling with severe Depression, not one doctor even comes close to how amazing Dr. McClure is at helping me. And I’ve seen more doctors than I can count. I’ve been on so many different medications and combinations; had intense treatment therapies, all of which never got me well enough to be able to have control in my life. He is very personable and understanding. I can tell he puts great thought into how he treats my illness. I completely trust him and that is such a blessing. Also, I’ve never had the centers I go to be a calm and inviting atmosphere which Serenity Health Centers has and more. The staff are all uplifting and present. TMS and ketamine have been extremely helpful and isn’t offered at many other mental health businesses. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to everyone I know. With my mental health being in a good balance, I am able to live a happier life and enjoy what experiences I have day to day. I am able to be a more present wife and mother to my two kids, which is my most precious joy."

5.0 Review from D.D. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I have been seeing Dr. McClure for some time now. This is the BEST mental health care I have had in 20+ years of pursuing treatment. I have never felt better. I have never had higher self esteem and better relationships than I do now, thanks to Dr. McClure’s careful management of my treatment. Gone are the endless nights of racing thoughts. Gone are the ways I used to beat myself up and put myself down—the feelings that I just don’t measure up. Best of all though, I no longer have those moments of desperation wondering if I am going crazy. I cannot express enough how much Dr. McClure has done to help me feel better than I ever have before!"

5.0 Review from E.G. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Always a pleasant and helpful visit! Dr. McClure and his assistant are thorough and have greatly impacted my mental health journey."

5.0 Review from S.R. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. McClure is awesome. So knowledgeable but also accessible. The staff are incredibly friendly too. Serenity Mental Health goes highly recommended."

5.0 Review from T.B. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Highly recommend Serenity Mental Health Center and Dr. McClure. Their staff is kind, compassionate and professional. Dr. McClure is very professional, knowledgeable and compassionate as well."

5.0 Review from S.W. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I started coming here late December, 2021, and had a rough start with a lady doctor there. I asked for Dr. McClure because a close friend told me he would be a great Dr. for me. I've seen Dr. McClure about 3 times now, maybe 4 times, and from the very start with him, he payed close attention and got to know me first visit (unlike my first visit with another Dr. there). He diagnosed me and I started medication same day, although, from the first Dr., I was continuing to take what she prescribed, and I still am. My insomnia and severe depression are being treated, I'm getting sleep again, and feeling so much better. Each and every visit with Dr. McClure has been worthwhile and fulfilling. I am happier now than I've been in decades, and can't recommend him enough. He's the most caring psychiatrist I have ever seen in my life, and he makes me actually WANT to be better."

5.0 Review from T.M. Source: Google Nov 13 2021

"Dr McClure has been excellent to work with. Dr McClure is easy to talk to and he listens to your concerns. Dr McClure is supportive and willing to collaborate with you to find the treatment that is most appropriate for your particular challenge or issue. The team of professionals are all great. They are always friendly and have a positive attitude. The whole team makes you feel comfortable and cared for which is important. I would acknowledge them by name, but I can't remember all of their names! They recently opened an office in Camelback which is a 30 - 45 min drive for me. I could have chosen their Chandler location, but the extra driving time was worth it to continue treatment by Dr McClure. Regardless, I highly recommend Serenity Mental Health if you are struggling with your mental health and it is impacting you ability to be the best version of yourself."

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