Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

We know that sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. Finding the right providers to entrust your mental health can be difficult. But we want you to know that at Serenity Mental Health Centers, you're more than just a patient, and you can trust we'll give you the attention, respect, and care you seek. Whether you're looking for help for yourself or a loved one, we encourage you to browse the reviews of our past and present patients to get to know our team and what we're about at Serenity.

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Google Feb 02 2024

"Serenity Mental health centers is a five star experience. From the providers to the patient advocates to the front desk associates everyone is focused on providing the best experience and helping you get better. I was nervous and apprehensive for my first appointment. The center did an excellent job of text reminders and phone calls. They were very accommodating to my meet over the phone I never felt rushed And none of our interactions felt transactional. I arrived at a beautiful building, meticulously decorated, and very welcoming. Dr. Brooks was the best provider I have had the pleasure of being in the care of. He listen to me, he challenged some of my thought processes, and ultimately he came up with an individualized plan for my care. I truly wish everyone could experience this level of care and satisfaction. If you have the opportunity, please give Serenity Mental Health Centers a chance to provide you with the care you’ve been looking for."

5.0 Review from N.M. Source: Google May 13 2023

"I’ve spent most of my life suffering with mental illness and grew up in a house hold that didn’t support medications or even talk about mental health. I finally got to a point where I just over all wanted a better quality of life. Finding this facility, and having Dr. Nathaniel Brooks as my my doctor has changed my life so much, and I am extremely thankful for him. I have a very difficult time being vulnerable, and opening up, and I was immediately comfortable, and immediately knew I was in the best hands. The staff is always so friendly and kind. This place is the real deal, and each person just truly cares and wants to help. So thankful for them all."

5.0 Review from F. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"I love this practice. I came to this practice in a very dark place after years of stubborn depression. Dr Brooks helped me work through different treatment options to find the best one for me. He listened to everything I was experiencing and was compassionate. The whole rest of the team is amazing. When my insurance was stubborn, they went to bat for me and fought to make sure i got the effective treatment I needed. I'm finally on a positive track and feel so much better. Office staff is friendly and warm."

5.0 Review from V.R. Source: Google Nov 13 2022

"Dr. Brooks is a gem. I would highly recommend his care to anyone pursuing comprehensive mental health wellness."

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