Mental Health Awareness Month 2020

By: Jayson Tripp, MD


Things You Need To Know About Mental Health Awareness Month

The issue of mental health is not news to many. There have been increasing cases of mental health illnesses around the world, leading to people getting depression with some even going so far to the extent of killing themselves. One thing is evident; people are carrying a lot of baggage in their hearts.

What happens when these issues are not resolved and these individuals feel sad  and hopeless. Depending on the circumstance the individual is going through, some will even feel like they are not being appreciated enough. Mental health awareness involves educating everyone in society about mental issues. It is about making the public attentive to the real issues affecting society today. This is because it is the same friends and people you know who will make you feel bad about yourself or the circumstances around you. By educating the public about the importance of mental health, they learn to accept that these issues are real and need to be addressed with the utmost attention.

More About Modern Mental Health.

The reason mental health issues are being taken more seriously is that mental illness has been regarded as the biggest economic burden in the world today. It affects the people around us, be it parents, teenagers, and even small children, regardless of their status in the community. For this reason, several organizations, including the World Health Organisation, have come up with ways to increase mental health awareness  among people all over the world. One of the measures taken was the introduction of the Mental Health Awareness Month. This month is specifically set aside to discuss matters of mental health, including signs of mental illness, as well as ways to help someone experiencing these issues.

Impact Of Mental Health.

If you don’t understand the impact of mental health, you need to. The status of your mental health will determine how you get to live for the rest of your life. If a child, for example, experiences bullying in their early years in school, the whole incident affects them for the rest of their lives. They start questioning why someone would hurt them or make them feel inferior. If such thoughts and experiences are not treated or addressed, this child will grow up feeling like they are not worth much. This destroys their self-esteem and even reflects in the way they interact with other people. Being a part of the mental health month program helps you learn how to address some of the tough experiences you face in life.

How Awareness Helps

By having the mental health awareness month, many people are reached in a positive way to inform them about mental health. This helps those who suffer from mental illness know that they are not alone and that they can always seek support from other emotionally strong people around them. Such kind of support goes a long way in helping those who have a mental illness because they get encouraged. Those who aren’t suffering from the same get to learn about the risk factors and symptoms of mental illness. They are also taught about the various prevention techniques. This helps in building more sound individuals who can be trusted to handle whatever life throws at them.

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