Mental Health Awareness Day 2020

By: Jayson Tripp, MD


What Is Mental Health Awareness Day?

Mental Health Awareness Day is celebrated on October 10th. The first such day was celebrated in 1992. Until the year 1994, the main goal was to promote awareness of mental health. In the year 1994, Secretary-General, Eugene Brody, gave the day the theme of improving the quality of mental health services worldwide. 

What is the Purpose of Mental Health Awareness Day?

The program is designed in concordance with the World Health Organization, or WHO. Designed to remove the social stigma that is associated with mental health, it focuses on education and information  that can help people recognize the need for a mental health evaluation and it works to remove the stigma of mental health issues that society perceives. 

The program goes on to include a mental health awareness week and a mental health awareness month . These days, weeks, and months, the programs work closely with mental health agencies to help people understand the need for more mental health awareness and education. 

How Does it Help Promote Awareness?

Mental health professionals often join forces and give seminars, speeches, and other group sessions to help promote mental health awareness and focus on solutions to the problems. These professionals often attend symposiums that work toward solutions as a long term goal. 

Clients/patients can find the help they need at their fingertips if they just know where to look. WHO and other organizations work to promote such help with other services that may be required to help restore a healthy lifestyle to the clients/patients. 

Information and brochures are readily available to help promote a healthy attitude and encourage those needing to seek treatment that treatment is readily available and they can seek it for a variety of situations. As more of the public becomes aware of mental health issues and the long term effects it can have on people, more programs become available. 

Mental health awareness day is just one step in the direction of focusing on a solution. Public education and solutions to the problems are the main focus and focusing the attention on one day a year is just the first step in solving the mental health crisis of the country today. 

From the homeless person on the street corner to the single mom, to the returning veteran, there are many opportunities for mental health awareness and healing. Focusing the attention, even just one day a year, on a solution will go far in helping these people to return to a normal life. 

Not everyone who is homeless is in need of mental health services . Not every person sitting in a mental health facility is in need of rehabilitation. However, judging those who do need such help isn’t the solution. The solution is bringing more awareness into the public view and focusing on solutions to the problems that led to these people needing these services. 

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