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Taking Back Life From Depression and Anxiety Testimonial Compilation

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and Ketamine therapy are helping people reclaim their mental health from anxiety, depression, OCD and more. Three patients share their stories about how Serenity Mental Health Centers changed their lives. To learn more, visit

Overcoming Anxiety with TMS

Anxiety and depression are known as great isolators. For many, mental illness can feel hopeless to overcome. Serenity Mental Health Centers patient shares her experience in taking back her life with the help of TMS treatment.

Becca's Victory Against Depression With TMS

Becca, a patient at Serenity Mental Health Centers tells about her struggle against depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and how she has overcome them with the help of Serenity's compassionate staff and innovative treatments such as TMS therapy.

Michael & Jennifer's TMS Experience

When Michael came to Serenity, he suffered from depression, anxiety, and social anxiety, making it hard for him to connect and communicate with friends and family. Now he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, who says he has finally "come out of his shell".

Bethany's Story - A Mother's Journey With TMS

Bethany fought to function amidst her depression and anxiety for years, eventually becoming suicidal and unable to care for herself. After her daughter reminded her how much she was needed, she sought out help and began her recovery journey at Serenity Mental Health Centers through TMS therapy.

Eva's Story- Discovering TMS

After Eva started working at Serenity, she saw the difference that TMS made in patient's lives each day. After realizing she was struggling with anxiety herself, Eva decided to try TMS and changed her life for the better.

Ana's Story - Finding Serenity and TMS Therapy

Ana struggled with depression, anxiety, suicidality and anger issues for years before coming to Serenity. After going through Deep TMS, she feels like she has a new perspective on life and has reclaimed joy in her life.

Rebekah's Story - Conquering Suicidality

Rebekah struggled with suicidal thoughts, feelings of worthlessness, depression and anxiety which made it hard for her to connect with her family or believe in her potential. After TMS, she's gained a better relationship with her loved ones and herself.

Tommie Butler: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Phoenix, Arizona at Serenity Mental Health Centers

Find hope and healing for severe depression Schedule an appointment today! Tommie Butler introduces himself and shares a glimpse into his personality and care philosophy. Tommie creates a welcoming atmosphere where clients feel comfortable collaborating in their treatment plans. He assists patients struggling with attention-deficit disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other mental health challenges. Learn more about Tommie at

Starla Smith Takes Back Her Life Through TMS

TMS helps people struggling with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Starla shares her story and success over coming her anxiety and depression through Transcranial magnetic stimulation.

What are some ways you manage your anxiety? #mentalhealth #tms

What are some ways you manage your anxiety?

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