How Ketamine Gave Me My Life Back

By: Jayson Tripp, MD


My name is Nick.

Before I came to Serenity, I was really struggling with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. COVID-19 had just hit, and I felt like my life was crumbling. First, I was furloughed, and then my fiancé and I broke up, so I lost both her and her kids. In the midst of it all, I was in an incredibly dark place emotionally and mentally.

I was referred to Dr. Nyberg by my primary care provider. I was surprised to find him willing to listen and really hear me. It’s not often you find a doctor that collaborates with you instead of just deciding on a treatment plan for you, and I found Dr. Nyberg open-minded and caring enough to do just that. One of the treatments he brought up was ketamine infusions. I had heard of ketamine before and had heard that it could be really effective for treating severe mental illness. Immediately, I jumped on the opportunity, hopeful it would help me regain some of the control and joy I felt I had lost.

My first two treatments were honestly difficult. It felt like the ketamine was bringing out all the emotion I had been suppressing for so long, and even after the infusion was over, I had some lingering anxiety. The third treatment was the turning point for me. During those treatments, Stephanie (the nurse) sat and talked to me during my treatments and I just felt very peaceful. I was able to see things more clearly than I had previously and organize them in a productive way for the first time in quite a while. It felt like a miracle to me to be able to feel like myself again and see positivity in the world around me.

I’m incredibly grateful that I was able to find this treatment and regain control of my life again. I know that there are so many individuals that don’t even know that ketamine is able to be used as a treatment for mental illness. Ketamine can be used to help people struggling with so many different mental health problems, from PTSD to anxiety to situational depression- there’s a whole warehouse of applications that 99% of the population doesn’t know exists here. While ketamine certainly isn’t a magic wand to fix all your problems, if you’re stuck in a rut like I was, it can help pull you out of it and put you back on your path so you can do the work you need to do to improve your mental health.

For those that are interested in pursuing ketamine treatment, Serenity is an incredible choice. The staff is caring and compassionate and I’ve never had an unpleasant interaction with anyone there. Truly, I would recommend Serenity to anybody.

No matter who you are, please remember that there is hope for a brighter future for you. To learn more about how ketamine works please visit 

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