Fighting Depression with Ketamine Infusions- Jeff’s Story

By: Jayson Tripp, MD


My name is Jeff.

I worked as a funeral director for ten years. After going through a job layoff, I really struggled, and I went to see my primary care provider where I was diagnosed with situational depression and prescribed a low dosage of medication to help me. For years I felt like it helped, although occasionally my depression would impact me for a couple days even with the medication. Then, in November of 2020, my depression became overwhelming. I was still taking my medication, but it just wasn’t doing anything. My normally cheerful personality faded, and I really struggled to find motivation to do pretty much anything.

After a week or so of struggling, my wife researched psychiatrists for me and found Serenity, just a few minutes down the road. With her encouragement, I went to meet with Dr. Nyberg. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt comfortable. Kait, the patient care advocate, is amazing. She is incredibly empathetic and sensitive to what you are feeling. Dr. Nyberg took the time to explain how different treatments work and include me in developing a treatment plan that would work for me. After we talked, he prescribed me a supplemental medication to help boost my current prescription’s effects, and he recommended I try ketamine infusions as well, which I decided to do.

After I started taking the additional prescription, I definitely felt some relief, and then I went to my first ketamine appointment. Initially I wasn’t sure what to expect from ketamine – I had this impression that the ketamine infusions would be a psychedelic experience, and I was also worried it would just mask my emotions. But for the most part, ketamine just gave me a chance to take a step back from these overwhelming feelings I had, reflect internally, and compartmentalize my problems. During the infusions I was given the option to talk to the infusion nurse, Stephanie, which was really wonderful. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, and after just my first infusion, I felt like my mental health did a complete 180.

Within 24 hours, I felt motivated again. I went from feeling like I had this immense weight just pushing me down to wanting to play with my kids again. After going through all six infusions, I can honestly say that I feel like I’m not just back to myself, but I’m a stronger and better version of myself. I can think more clearly and set my priorities more easily, and I feel like I’m a much better dad and husband for my family.

To anyone debating whether or not to do ketamine treatments or feeling a little bit nervous about it, I would say go in with open expectations. Ketamine is just a tool to help you regain your motivation for the thing you love. The staff at Serenity is there every step of the way and they are going to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

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