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Serenity’s mission is giving you mental healing and overall wellness in our best-in-class clinics. We’ve brought together the highest trained medical professionals, the top tier technology in healthcare, and a personalized, committed staff who know the research of healing mental health in order to help you feel the way you did before your diagnosis took over your life.

My psychiatrist is named Dr. Colvin and he is an excellent person to count on for aid with mental health. He has prescribed medicine for me that has worked wonders in my life, and he continues to meet my concerns by providing more medication when needed. Alongside him, the staff is extremely flexible with their availability, and whenever I’ve needed to change a date on the calendar for appointments, they have been swift and generous to meet those needs as well. I’d recommend Serenity to anyone that is struggling to battle the demons in their head; they have changed my life and I know they will do the same for you as well.

K.D. Google

Serenity really cares for their patients and it shows with everything they do. The wait time isn’t long at all. Everyone is kind and very helpful. They listen to any concerns you may have and validate your feelings/concerns. I appreciate the atmosphere they create.

N.M. Google

Dr. Ruiloba is wonderful. He always listens to what I need and makes adjustments accordingly. The Serenity office centers are also wonderful and always a pleasure to visit, so I am very thankful for all of the hardwork and effort that the entire team puts into making my visits enjoyable and running smoothly.

Y.S. Google

Best services and best Dr. French

W.T. Google

Very personable and easy to talk to and work with.

T.R. Google


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