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Tanner Manwaring, NP

Nurse Practitioner


My Care Philosophy

My care philosophy aligns with the objectives of any medical provider—to alleviate my patients’ suffering, encourage autonomy, and improve their lives by implementing available evidence-based approaches that work for the individual patient. I believe that true healing is built on the foundation of relationships and communication. I aim to work with my patients towards recovery, resilience, and fulfillment while empowering them as active participants in their own health care.

Why I Chose Mental Health

I chose to focus my career on mental health because all aspects of health and wellness improve with the promotion and maintenance of a healthy, balanced mind. For the past ten years, I’ve worked in the mental health field. I mentored at a residential treatment facility for teen-age boys focusing on self-esteem through fitness and mental awareness before starting nursing school. My experiences as an LPN and RN were at an in-patient psychiatric hospital. I graduated with my DNP in psychiatric-mental health from the University of Utah. When I heard about Serenity and their progressive mental health care, I jumped at the chance to join their team. 

Interests & Activities

I was born and raised in Utah County. My wife and I are attempting to raise three little girls. Outside of work, besides spending time with my family, I enjoy weightlifting, building things, woodworking, detailing cars, and traveling. One of my favorite traveling adventures involved a medical aid rotation in Samoa.



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