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Hayden Chevalier, NP

Nurse Practitioner


My Care Philosophy

I believe that patient care is individualized and focused on helping individuals improve their day-to-day life and reach their goals. I have found that improving mental healthcare takes a high level of detail, and all aspects of an individual’s life need to be considered in order for them to receive the highest level of personal success. Because of this, my approach to patient care is not simply focused on the patient, but also on helping each individual establish a support network and healthy habits that will provide strength during their mental health journey. 

Why I Chose Mental Health

I have seen firsthand the impact mental illness can have in my close family and friends, and it has driven my determination to help
as many individuals as I can. Over the years I have found incredible purpose and joy in talking and getting to know individuals from all kinds of backgrounds and watching them grow as individuals as their mental health improves. 

Interests & Activities

I have 10 siblings and too many nieces and nephews to count! Over my life, I have lived in Utah, Nebraska, Brazil, and Africa, and I am fluent in Portuguese.



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