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About Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine is one of today’s most innovative treatments for mental health disorders. With just one treatment, it produces rapid results and eases symptoms not improved with other psychiatric medications. The experienced psychiatrists at Serenity Mental Health Centers offer ketamine infusions to significantly improve conditions like depression and anxiety for about 85% of their patients. They have locations in the Biltmore, Desert Ridge, and Chandler area of Phoenix and Gilbert, Arizona; Lehi and Holladay, Utah; and Lakewood and Cherry Creek area of Denver, Colorado. To learn more about ketamine, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Ketamine Therapy Q&A

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a safe anesthetic medicine used during surgery. However, at doses lower than those used to produce an anesthetic effect, ketamine has a different impact. It relieves chronic pain and treats mental health conditions such as:

  • Major depressive disorder

  • Treatment-resistant depression

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Bipolar depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)

  • OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)


Ketamine is renowned for producing fast results, with many patients experiencing an improvement in their symptoms within 24 hours of their first infusion.


Beyond rapid results, you gain another exceptional benefit from ketamine: The medication often works even when your symptoms don't improve with traditional psychiatric drugs. 

How does ketamine work?


Ketamine produces fast-acting results because it affects a different part of the brain than conventional mental health medications like antidepressants.


As ketamine enters your body, it immediately goes to your brain and restores the balance of a neurotransmitter, glutamate, that regulates psychiatric disorders.


Evidence shows that ketamine blocks structures associated with glutamate called NMDA receptors. This temporary blockage mimics a reset button and triggers the receptors to work normally again. Ketamine may also produce long-lasting results as it restores nerve connections. 

What happens during a ketamine infusion?


The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a ketamine nasal spray for treatment-resistant depression. However, the team at Serenity Mental Health Centers administers ketamine by intravenous (IV) infusion.


An infusion allows your provider to regulate the amount of medication entering your body and the speed at which it flows into your bloodstream. This reduces the risk of side effects and ensures you get a precise dose.


Serenity Mental Health Centers performs your ketamine infusion in a tranquil, soothing environment. You only need to relax and read, listen to music, use your mobile device, or draw during the treatment.


Throughout your infusion, a licensed practitioner closely monitors you, ensuring your comfort and safety at all times. The length of a ketamine infusion varies, but a typical treatment takes 1-2 hours. 


To get longer-lasting results, most patients need a series of up to six treatments administered over two weeks.

Does ketamine cause side effects?

If you experience any side effects during your treatment, such as nausea or sensory changes, your provider adjusts the infusion to keep you comfortable.

After your treatment, you may feel drowsy or nauseous until all the ketamine leaves your system. Otherwise, ketamine has a long history proving that it’s safe and has no known side effects.

To learn if you’re a good candidate for ketamine, call Serenity Mental Health Centers or request an appointment online today.

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